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The Nest
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At heart of our venue is The Nest: built with high steel beams, floor to ceiling glass windows in the front and back, clear paneled garage doors that open up to a 4,000 square ft courtyard on the west side. Ample string lights illuminate the Nest throughout.  Above the remaining vestige of the industrial barn structure is a newly installed 17ft high-grade commercial ceiling fan circulating the fresh breeze that complement the abundance of natural light that enters the space.  The Nest opens up to the 2,500 square ft ceremonial courtyard where we can locate the sunset stage.  

Inside the Nest:

  • 7,500 square feet of climate controlled flexible open space

  • 20x20ft wide glass doors for grand cathedral-style entrance from the front and the rear opening up to the ceremonial courtyard and stage.  

  • Two 20ft high roll-up modern, glass garage doors open to the courtyard 

  • Elegant Dressing Room for the bridal party

  •  Spacious lounging area with sofa, TV, and bar refrigerator 

  • Large storage room, conveniently for guests to store their boxes or materials on the day of the wedding

  • Plenty of spaces for lounging, DJ, photo booth set up

  • Large custom metal Silo bar with indoor/outdoor service glass window for bartending guests from any location

  • 6 mobile wooden cabinets with drawers for your own presentation, arrangement and decoration of your choice.

Dressing Room

Located inside the Nest, the 500 sq. ft dressing room comes with comfortable couch and chairs, a built-in double vanity, and a luxurious free-standing tub and commode for your comfort, and convenience. 

  • Comfy Sofa and Chairs for lounging

  • Make-up tables and chairs for four guests

  • Spacious full bathroom with free-standing tub

  • Refrigerator/wine cooler and snack bar

  • 75 inch TV for your entertainment

  • Additional space for hanging gowns, clothing 

  • Our very own Dove Nest Estate lounge sets available for purchase for your relaxation and rest.   

Lounge Areas

The Nest is designed with the intention for guests to gather and socialize with friends and family.  Our indoor and outdoor space connectivity creates an abundance of space for guests to relax, entertain, and enjoy their surroundings.  Grab their favorite cocktails and drinks while standing and moving around inside the Nest as well as outside the 2500 sf courtyard.   Enjoy the evening under the cozy and warm string lights emanating from the center Silo in our courtyard.   Perfect vibes to share your laughs and create memories with your loved ones. 

The Silo Bar

Located inside the Nest is a 300 sq. ft full service bar with indoor/outdoor service window connecting both cocktail areas.​  It has the capacity to serve large numbers of guests up to 3 bartenders at a time.  

  • Licensed with TABC permit to serve wine, beer, spirits

  • 300 sq. ft service bar with indoor/outdoor service window connecting both cocktail areas for bartenders to serve guests with ease.  

  • Bright and warm industrial pendant lighting

  • Customized towering Silo as the backdrop of the bar

  • Plenty of counter space with chargers available 

  • Bar stools with an adjacent lounge area for guests to gather and relax while enjoying their cocktails.

Dressing Room
Lounge Areas
The Silo Bar